EZDSK Review and Ultimate Guide About Trading With EZDSK

EZDSK Review

Is EZDSK a Scam?
Is EZDSK a Scam?

I believe that financial world is slowly being taken over by crypto currencies and many people are looking for the process of trading with the crypto currency. How should I invest? And how should I start trading? These are the questions that every beginner ask and to find the solution to these question I suggest everyone to research and find a broker for trading in crypto currency. There are thousands of broker now in the market but every broker has their own way of trading and every broker offer different types of services which can make things very confusing for new traders. Although if you are a newbie in trading you will be needing to be very open minded. I advise everyone to always be cautious while making any type of decision because any wrong decision like selecting a bad broker can break your dreams or make your experience better.

Is EZDSK.com a Scam?

You might be asking yourself the question “Is EZDSK scam or legit?” and from my experience I can tell you that EZDSK is a %100 legitimate crypto broker and you don’t have to worry about it being a scam.

Trying Out a New Broker

Many people are going to advise you to get a new broker and I also give the same suggestion. Today I will review EZDSK for you so you can understand what this broker is offering. This is a new company in market but it allows the users to have a smooth and a peaceful trading experience. Professionals have designed it that way. If you visit this broker you will like their platform and features and is a great opportunity to earn profit, just like any other famous broker. This broker provides many features to the client similar to popular brokers so you can trade different types of cyrptocurrencies in market.


I found many brokers in the market with complicated registering process that confuses brokers and discourage them to trade. They will make you fill multiple complicated forms to and some extra personal information that is not even necessary. Which can make you frustrated and angry. Furthermore, some companies will make you wait for days and sometimes months for the approval and you will be stressed out. However, when I was registering for EZDSK I didn’t feel that the registering process is lengthy or complicated. When I went through their procedure of signing up I realized that it doesn’t even take hours to get done with.

In the registering process you only have to fill an online form which is not lengthy, and time consuming and which will give you the access to your account’s min home page. You will have to choose the starting options. In the form they are going to ask you the contact number, first name, last name and name of country and city. Then your account will be almost ready to trade on website of EZDSK. In the end you need to choose the currency you want to trade in.

Finally, you have to prove that you are PEP, confirm that you are 18 or over, and agree to the terms and condition of the trading. This is all you need to do when you are signing up. But in some cases you will be required to do some more verification of email address. The process is not going to take longer than 24 hours. When you are going to verify your email you can exchange and receive cryptocurrencies from EZDSK.

Although if you are going to sell and buy the cryptocurrencies you will need to submit some of the significant doc according to AML and KYC policies. More information is given below.

Security Measures

The most good and notable measure of security is when you are going through the process of signing up. You will need to provide some doc. Because of the policies of AML and KYC that will help you and prevent the cyber criminals out there from entering into the platform. Everyone who wants to sign up has to give a proof address and identity for full verification.

You can give a scanned copy or even you can give a copy of the national ID card, driver’s license and your passport for identity to avoid identity threats as these are the requirement by the authorities. Next the residence proof is also significant and you can easily give any type of utility bill as your bills include the address. However, the address should be 3 months old. I suggest you to always type your name and full address. If you want to comply with the EZDSKs AML policy you will have to give your pictures if you wish. You can also share your selfie.

When these steps of verifications are completed you can now use any service for entire trading activities. EZDSK will always verify time to time for your safety and they don’t take too long. Only 24 hours will be required for the process that means that you don’t have to wait for days for selling and buying for cryptocurrency. These policies are followed for keeping the rules and international standards which is compiled in order for withdrawals and making deposits. This step is taken to make sure that crypto trading is not being used for illegal work

The measure taken by the security do not just end there as the personal information of the trader also need some protection. Your information is very important. I advise not to choose a broker if you think that they are not keeping your information encrypted. If you sensitive data is in wrong hands, you will suffer a lot. There are various ways in which your details can be used. To make sure you information is safe, you need to make sure that the broker is providing you maximum security through encryption technology. With encryption feature you are relaxed, as if anyone has found your data, they cannot access as it will be encrypted and they will need key for decryption. On the other hand the details will be stored in the data, where everyone cannot access.

For the reassurance of their clients, EZDSK has included privacy policy also. It is normal that people feel unsafe and nervous when they are sharing information with a broker. With EZDSK you do not have to worry about your information as EZDSK do not send or share your data without your permission

Last, but definitely not the least, EZDSK has also added a privacy policy for its clients’ reassurance. It is a given that people will be nervous when they are sharing such confidential information with an exchange. You can rest assured that your information will not be shared or sold without your consent and neither will it be rented to any third parties. Moreover, even the exchange itself only stores the data to provide its promised services and doesn’t use it for any other purpose. It is kept according to legal requirements and only used for as long as the services are delivered. 

The credit that is going to be deposited do not goes in a separated account but in the same accounts but if they are not labeled specifically. If you do not trust your broker enough to keep your money then you, Multiple should make a separate account for money so your credit can be safe. 

Trading Education 

Every old and new traders focus particularly on on this section.it really don’t matter about the field or profession you are in, you are never going clan that you have learned anything new.firstly you will have to appreciate to the broker for giving you such a high quality work and material for training. You need to learn the best you can before you are putting any type of money on the line. If you are learning from a post or an article it will not be that much of a help. You are going to need a proper education and help from you online broker.

If you want to learn basic information about the platform of trading you will get all that on the website of EZDSK. It will explains everything for selling and buying of CFDs when the trading is taking place.the broker of EZDSK will give some information that will make the process of learning easy for you. If you are going to start right you are going to have a successful journey. If you are losing trades I can be a big loss for you and this is the reason why several trader are quitting their career in the beginning. If you want to avoid such trading mistakes you should learn it properly and use good strategies and techniques whilr starting your career.

Trading Accounts

As you have seen the title this platform has a made a system that will help both the beginners and the expert as well. If you look at the account types than you will know that this platform cares every types of account on this planet. The type of account you will see is the basic account and it is named the basic account. When you will sign up with this basic account you will be in a shock by knowing that you will be offered free trading opportunity by signing up from this platform. You will also have limited entry to the trading education when you are signing up with the basic account.

You will be in a shock after seeing that it is very easy to start a trading account with the dealer and easy to continue it. But on the other hand suddenly the broker asks you for a lot of money from the start then it would very difficult for you to start trading. After knowing that the EZDSK will offer you affordable price. If you are starting trading with the basic account than you will only have to deposit 500 Euros. The account named the VIP Club is one of the expensive accounts and you can only start trading it with when you have 1,000,000 Euros in your bank account. Do you know what makes this platform better than others the feature that is the Loyalty bonus? If you are signing up with the basic account than you will get 10% of the loyalty bonus. The loyalty bonus gets better if you are signing with the higher accounts. If you are signing up with the silver account than you will get 20% of the loyalty bonus. But if you sign up with the most expensive and the top accounts with a price of 1,000,000 Euros than you will get 100% of the loyalty bonus. This is not normal from the online brokers and if you do know those online brokers who offers the loyalty bonuses but compared to this online brokers they are small.

Trading Conditions 

This is the place where you can talk on the subject for best things in the favor of traders. The newbie always want that to know that how to make profits with the brokers. But it is on the brokers of what types of the conditions he creates. I cannot say no to that some brokers make hard to earn profits for you. They always think regarding their profits. No matter what if you win or lose they do not care about it. But things are opposite on the EZDSK when you sign up on it. With the help of this broker you will always get unlimited review of the market with no matter what account you are signing up. You do not have to pay for the trading signals as you already have them when you sign up. These signals help you by telling you that you should go short or long in trading. However you will only one trading signal per day if you are signing up with the basic account but you will not see this free on other online brokers you will have to pay for this. And if you hold the most expensive account than you will have unlimited trading signals. With these signals you can know the movement of the price in the market in the best possible way. Furthermore you will also have the access to the Personal account supervisor no matter from which account you sign up. These are the best feature of the EZDSK.

Customer Support

If you are using a crypto currency exchange if you are doing it for the first time than you may have some questions or you will struggle. Event eh expert investors and traders will have some questions for the things which are exchanged and they will need assistance for these things which they will get from the customer support. You can take out the number from different channels. If you are not in hurry there is an email you can use but if you used the phone number than it is a better choice. You can also call them from the website than there agent will respond more quickly. And you can also call them from very others channels.

Crypto Wallet

One of the best features of EZDSK is that the EZDSK offers their clients a wallet where the clients can put there crypto currency. If you used to buy crypto currency then you must know that keeping them in the wallet is safe. Because the hackers and the money launders can rob you and will leave you empty handed. It is just like the case of the crypto currency if you want to store your valuable assets. But this online broker has their own wallets for their clients and the clients do not need to earch and investigate for the wallet.

Instead of this you will have disposal secure, advanced and unique the wallet of the crypto currency that can secure your crypto currency for a very long time. You can use the wallet of the EZDSK for storing the both litecoin and bitcoin. After you have received or transferred things than the wallet automatically changes it address as no one can track it down. You have to make sure that you check your allets address whenever you make a transaction. You should always keep that in mind that you have to see the address of your wallet every time. As a result you do not need to be worried for lit coin and bit coin wallet. If you have stored the crypto currency that you have deposit on the EZDSK the EZDSK will put it on the cold storage which will provide it the best security. This is the most secured and advanced security and they also have 100% as insurance. You can also use them when you are online and you do not need to pay anything to use them.

The traders are highly demotivated in some cases with the brokers but this is not in the EZDSK because their brokers have quick registration it is easy and quick for everyone. You will be not charged for it. You can easily find a registration button on the homepage of the broker. Then you will fill a form and fill out required fields. And when you have filled the form then you will get email verification. After that you have done registration and you are good to go for trading. And if you accidentally have forgot your password no worries you can always reset it.

A Robust and User Friendly Trading Platform

Anyone type of trading platform that you are using cannot be taken lightly. Everything is irrelevant even the broker asset if the broker do not have a good trading platform. The overall complex and cluttered are the one reason the broker drive his customer away from him. But EZDSK has a robust trading platform which is going to boosts a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use and navigate. I didn’t faced any problems while using it.

As you know that it is a web based platform where there is no download or no installation required and is very easy to get access. Moreover it has no rules that are going to annoy you and you are going to get freedom to use it on any type of device until it is safe and supports the browser. You can get the access to everything as every option is on the dashboard and is a one click away. I hope you are not going to have any types of complains because I didn’t regarding any type of delay or lag in the transaction

Fast and Simple Registering Process

On many websites the process of signup are very long and draining. This happen in mostly every broker’s sign up and it also demotivates many traders. But EZDSK do not allow this because this broker makes sure that the registration is easy and quick, the broker goes to great lengths and registration fees is also not taken and the registration button is also on their main page and is easy to find. A form will be given to you that you will have to fill out the fields that are required and once the form will be submitted the sign up is completed. a link will be sent to you verification. Then you will be a member of EZDSK.

When you are going to verify your email the process will be going to automatically complete and you are going to be directed to another page where you can start your funding on the account you have chosen on EZDSK. If you are having difficulty finding your account it can always be accessed through the my account page and if you want to reset you accounts password or you have forgotten your password you can get it back anytime.


Apparently, the EZDSK have been outing lots of effort so they can develop their exchange for those who are interested in the holding of crypto currency. They also offer competitive fees and prices for the traders as an option for their services.

You can see that the EZDSK have put a lot of effort making this platform the best platform in every way such as customer support user interference and it’s a great choice for people to use it for trading as it offers affordable fees and price for dealers to choose from their services.